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Another zombie etsy treasury

April 8, 2009

Another great zombie treasury – this time curated by Liatte.

Zombie treasury - mmmmmm braaaiiinnnss

Zombie treasury - mmmmmm braaaiiinnnss

From top the bottom here’s the links for all the zombie sellers on etsy!

Zombie pinup pony: Fugsly

zombie brains bowl: foldedpigs

zombie cushion: cipolla

zombie sock monster: underroos

valentine zombie t-shirt: pinuppixie

top model zombie doll: mrsevils

Danger zombies sign: YeeHaw

Printable zombie goods: prettyfnmess

zombie bear: DeliciousHobo

zombie girl ID tin: sweetheartsinner

zombie in a jar: LittleAtoms

zombie bart munny: gammaraybots



March 28, 2009

With the rash of  zombie and post apocalyptic films and games that have been coming out these last two years I’ve been wondering. When the end of the world comes will it be zombies or bombs? Let me know what your thoughts are.

Geekdetails zombie button $3

Geekdetails zombie button $3

metasaurus 4 wheelmen of the apocalypse $18

metasaurus 4 wheelmen of the apocalypse $18

dadadreams Lets Go Out In Style collage $15

dadadreams Let's Go Out In Style collage $15


Zombie etsy treasury

March 25, 2009

One of my pinup zombie ponys (ponies?) was put in this lovely etsy treasury by Ickydogcreations.

zombie-treasury etsyCute eh? So from top to bottom here’s the links:

Small throwing zombie: underroos

Monster Pets print: nikscarlett

Zombie Bunny brooch: alittestranger

yellow zombie kitty: amyjoshandmade

You know what zombies I..: uglyclothes

Purple painting: rockythezombie

Zombie pinup pony: fugsly

hopping zombie block print: daspetey

Suri baby zombie doll: mrsevils

Your mom is a zombie Tee:  strangelittleduck

Biffs the zombie: papermoongallery

Bishop the zombie teddy: trulyoutrageous