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Off with its head!

April 8, 2009

This is just a quick tutorial with some handy tips about beheading that cute little pony. In my experience generation 1 ponies are a lot harder to chop up than generation 3. Can’t comment on gen 2 as I haven’t used them yet – the big eyed quasi kawaii/alien thing is starting to wear me down a bit though. Gen 1 ponies are made from a harder plastic and in general they were a lot more liberal with the glue. You can always use some 100% acetone to soak some of it away if the cutting is getting tough. (always wear gloves when using acetone, liver damage is not fun).

First things first – give it a little twist. You can be pretty brutal with ponies – they’re very hardy 🙂  It shouldn’t budge but you never know, could always get lucky.

Next give it a good soaking in hot water – you can leave it as long as you like but I normally just run it under for as long as I can stand.

Next is the fun part! Get your crafting blade. It has to be very sharp and you really want a good quality blade – I use x-acto and swear by them but I’ve still managed to snap the odd blade. It doesn’t really need to be said when handling a knife but be careful! Always cut away from yourself and cut slowly – if it slips you have more chance of keeping control of it that way.

Always follow the original neck line of your pony. It makes it easier to reattach and will look much better than just slicing through.

And there you go – a cute but headless pony ready for a re-root.

Here's one I made earlier

Here's one I made earlier