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Boba Fett Custom my little pony

April 4, 2009
boba fett custom my little pony

boba fett custom my little pony

I had a custom request about a week ago on etsy for a Boba Fett pony for a husband’s birthday. Here’s what I came up with! I’m a huge star wars fan so this was really fun for me. I tried to keep him authentic whilst still being a pony version. I really enjoyed doing the custom request so here’s hoping I get more.

It has, however, moved all my custom star wars pony wants up the list so be on the look out for a chewbacca and darth vader soon!* A stormtrooper will be along even quicker as he’s almost done, just have to finish off the last of the painting.

* erm by ‘soon’ i probably mean a month or two, lol.