EtsyHacks how I love thee

April 4, 2009

In case you haven’t heard of it yet Etsyhacks is an absolutely brilliant website that lets you install scripts to make your etsy life just that little bit easier. In their words:

Etsy’s development team are working hard to bring out new features for the site, but there’s only so much they can do. They’re going to focus on features that bring the most benefit to the most users. These scripts are provided as examples of things that can be done without needing Etsy to change anything, but which (hopefully) make the user experience better and more efficient. Less time spent administering your Etsy business, more time spent making things.

I love how kind they are to Etsy here, I remember thinking when I first heard of Etsyhacks that it was a shame there was a need for 3rd party, unpaid programmers to bring us the little changes that we keep on asking for. Anyway – back to shouting the praises of Etsyhacks!

It currently works in Firefox although there are plans to make them available for other browsers. Here’s a sample of some of the delights Etsyhacks can bring you:

fast tagger

Add all your listing’s tags at once.

bulk image uploader

Upload up to five images at once when editing a listing.

copy listing

Quickly create a new listing based on an existing one.

printable receipt enhancer

Apply IDs and class names to elements on the printable receipt page, so that you can use stylesheets to change the appearance of the page. Change the font size, hide sections, change colours, add a logo

For the full list click here.  They run this for free but I’m sure any donations would be most appreciated.


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